Haleh Manesh

A tenacious, loving, and energetic educator who enjoys being a true teacher who doesn’t teach kids to think like her, but to think without her towards independence. She is holding a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Translation, “Child Psychology certification” , “Administrative personnel, and leadership certification“, ” master teacher certification“, “Associate teacher certification”, “Care & Education for infants and toddlers“, “and Curriculum planner and interventions for work with children with special needs” with 20 years of experience in providing care to children and their families since 2002!

Early on

Caring with a true heart, love, and empathy. This is our goal since 2002 when we started the business. We embrace a philosophy of caring that combines education, nurturing, and true socialization that addresses the developmental needs of each child.


We are a Montessori family daycare which is a small, home-based childcare setting that follows the Montessori educational philosophy. Our trained Montessori caregiver provides a nurturing and structured environment for a small group of children, typically of mixed ages. The Montessori approach emphasizes independence, self-directed learning, and a prepared environment with age-appropriate materials. Children are encouraged to explore, learn at their own pace, and develop social and practical life skills. Our daycare mostly provides a more personalized and child-centered alternative to traditional childcare settings

Our child care program is based on a developmental approach to learning, taking into consideration the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of children ages 3 months through 4 years in a caring and stimulating environment, and a safe environment with utmost care!