Our Focus is on

Main Areas of your Child’s Development, and” How to Implement Developmentally Appropriate Practice” in our daily program.

Physical development. Babies love to move, and all actions are learning activities for them. As your baby tries new skills and masters them—standing, walking, climbing—we respond to his/her growing independence by giving him/her more complicated toys and materials to explore safely.

Social and emotional development. From the moment infants are born, they’re ready to learn through meaningful interactions with people who care for them. As your baby grows, we will be there helping him/her learn how to share, take turns, treat others gently, and make friends.

Thinking (cognitive) skills. Your child is curious about the world around his/her. We provide experiences that help him/her learn about cause and effect, imitate adults during play, and use his/her problem-solving skills.

Language development. We help your child learn new words—and how conversation works—when we talks to him/her, waits for his/her response, and then responds to his/her sounds.

respect. We and families respect children’s individual personalities and abilities. We also respect each other’s differences, cultures, and backgrounds.

Communication. We share with families what their children are doing in the classroom, and families share with us what their children are doing at home.